adult daycare Menomonee Falls WI

adult daycare Menomonee Falls WI

Finding The Best Adult Daycare In Menomonee Falls WI

The decision to place a beloved parent or a long-time partner in adult daycare in Menomonee Falls WI is never an easy one. There comes a time when adult daycare in Menomonee Falls WI is the best choice for both parties. The one person cannot care for themselves and the other person may not be able to devote the time needed to care for their loved one due to job or family responsibilities.

These guidelines will help you find the best adult daycare in Menomonee Falls WI.

Must have


ADA compliance and state accreditation are a necessity. This is a legal necessity. The more important concern is that the accreditation indicates the people who are running the facility care enough to have everything just like it should be.

Nursing staff on premises

A registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse must be on the site during all the hours of operation. Each person has a specific set of medical needs that only a nurse is qualified to provide. A nurse can provide emergency care if needed.

A food specialist

Each resident may have special dietary restrictions due to their health. The meals should meet their medical needs and be varied and enjoyable.

Safety conscious

Age unfortunately produces higher risks of injury due to falls and other accidents. You want a facility that has all the safety measures covered so that you're loved one has the most minimal potential of an injury possible.

Individual treatment

You're loved one is special to you. You know what they are physically and mentally capable of doing. You want a facility that does a preadmission assessment of your loved one. This assessment and your input can make the transition much easier and the experience much more enjoyable.

Variety of activities

The staff should include a person who directs the activities of the residents. The activities should be mentally engaging and as physically stimulating as a person's health allows.

Variety of surroundings

The facility must provide a variety of areas where you're loved one can enjoy their time away from home during the day. A pleasant place to watch television is essential. A quiet place to read is a necessity. A patio area that allows contact with nature but is enclosed provides enjoyment and safety.

Pleasant company

You want a community that has people who are close to the age of your loved one. The idea is that your loved one will feel much more at home with people that they have something in common with.

The better things

These qualities provide higher levels of care and a better feeling of trust in the person who leaves their loved one in the hands of someone else.

Low patient to staff ratio

Higher numbers of staff guarantee personal attention, more involvement, and less potential for a health incident.

New construction

Newer facilities can offer more technologically advanced monitoring and management. Better planning for patient life has been incorporated in newer facilities due to learning from the past.

Longer hours of operation

You need a facility that fits your schedule. Long hours of operation are a guarantee that you can make arrangements if some emergency arises that prevents you from picking up you're loved one.

Live camera feed

A facility that lets you check on your loved one with your phone or portable at any time can give you more peace of mind. Just seeing them having a good time can make your day.

adult daycare Menomonee Falls WI
Just Like Home Adult Day Center
adult daycare Menomonee Falls WI
W218 N17483 Delaney Court
Jackson WI 53037 US

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