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Anti-craving Naltrexone Pellets

Are your patients experiencing mixed results using anti-craving Naltrexone pellets for weight loss? Varying degrees of weight loss is due to the fact that weight loss prescriptions alone are rarely enough to help patients achieve long-term weight loss goals. While weight may come off in the initial stages following the implant, it typically tapers off within a couple of months, and patients can become easily discouraged as a result. Combine your prescribed weight loss recommendation with UnCraveRx for exceptional long-term results.

What Works Better Than Naltrexone Pellets For Losing Weight?

A better question is what works with Naltrexone to bring about more positive results. If your patients are asking for a magic pill to lose weight, you know that there’s nothing on the market that can provide effortless results; however, there is a new tool that makes it easier and more enjoyable to stick to a weight loss program. UnCraveRx offers all of the following benefits:

  • The program works with any prescribed weight loss pill, implant, or surgical option
  • Patients have more control over their emotions and cravings
  • Support at the touch of a button
  • One-on-one nutritional coaching, live and virtual fitness plans, classes, and appointments
  • A complete food library to help patients make better choices at mealtime

Is Naltrexone Effective for Weight Loss?

Your patients look to you for professional medical advice and have faith that you’ll offer them a tried-and-true method for losing weight. Still, even anti-craving Naltrexone pellets cannot guarantee that patients will reach their weight loss goals. Recommending the UnCraveRx program in tandem with Naltrexone pellets will significantly improve the likelihood that weight loss objectives will remain within reach for patients struggling to maintain long-term weight loss. As an appetite suppressant, Naltrexone is considered a useful tool in dieting; however, it’s not a miracle drug.

There’s Power in Control

Patients feel more in control over their weight loss plan when they have tools in their hands that they can turn to during moments of weakness, when it’s likely that they’ll backslide or slip-up on their diet. The UnCraveRx phone app is at-hand 24-hours a day to provide support, nutritional coaching, education, information, and assistance at the precise moment when members would otherwise make a poor food choice. Motivation, encouragement, and support are always within reach, thanks to UnCraveRx’s tools.

The Perfect Partnership

Your practice’s prescription for anti-craving Naltrexone pellets and UnCraveRx, together, can do more than either one alone. Join our provider team and help your patients stay on course to lose the weight they need to lose to regain health or reduce health risks. With UnCraveRx at their fingertips, they’ll be more likely not just to reach weight loss goals, but also to maintain a healthier weight during their lifetime. Give your patients a gift that will keep on giving long after they’ve left your office. When you share the UnCraveRx program with your patients, you’ll hear positive testimonies that make being a health care provider worth all of the time and effort you put in.

Anti-craving Naltrexone Pellets

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