Does Cigna Cover Therapy

Does Cigna Cover Therapy

The entire world population is aware of the emotional toll of Covid-19 and all its effects on our personal lives. We offer accelerated efforts to manage your mental and emotional health and get personalized support that suits your life. The rising volume of health and clinical mental health services makes it easy for us to build and serve your urgent and diverse needs about mental health, which begs the question, why is therapy not covered by insurance? One way to offer better service is by using the Cigna health coverage policy for your preferred healthcare provider. 

Does insurance pay for mental health?

Cigna’s behavior therapy plan covers mental and behavioral health conditions, depending on your particular health conditions. The amount and type of coverage you get depend on the deductible, the kind of service you need, and how much you can afford with other payment plans. Let us explore how Cigna adheres to different price factors:

Plan coverage

  • Deductible - The deductible is the amount you pay every year to allow your medical coverage.
  • Copay – The fee is the amount you pay at each therapy session and could vary depending on the particular cost by the professional therapist.

Network therapists

The in-network therapist is more affordable because you only pay the deductible and the copay, whereas you will have to pay the total amount with an out-of-network therapist.

Types of therapy from a Cigna coverage

Cigna offers the following significant therapies but may also include other types. These therapies include:

  • Family therapy
  • Dialectical therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Psychodynamic therapy

The type of services you get depends on the health conditions that need treatment. These health issues may include anxiety, eating disorders, drug addiction, and depression, among many more.

Our therapists have a professional requirement to assign you an accurate diagnosis so Cigna can determine the amount you need for your Cigna therapy. Keep in mind that Cigna will not cover specific health issues; hence you may not be qualified for the coverage plan. Examples of therapies that Cigna will not cover include weight loss, aromatherapy, and hypnotherapy. Cigna's bottom line will not cover therapies that do not address a diagnosable mental or emotional ailment.

Can you get coverage for couple’s therapy?

The possibility of getting Cigna mental health care for couple’s therapy depends on your particular insurance details. We advise patients to contact us for more accurate consultation on our couple’s therapies.

How the doctor determines the Cigna coverage plan

Generally, the doctor will give you a comprehensive recommendation for all therapies. The exact plan type could be one of the following:

  • PPO
  • EPO
  • POS
  • HMO

Mental healthcare providers do not always have Cigna insurance. It should be easy for you to determine the exact insurance you need when the health doctor diagnoses you for mental or emotional treatment therapies. How do I find a Cigna therapist? Is seeing a therapist covered by Cigna? We offer a free diagnostic assessment online and may have incentives is we are in your in-network coverage plan. 

Get in touch today to get your diagnostic assessment at no charge.

Does Cigna Cover Therapy

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