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Medical Weight Loss Tulsa

Medical Weight Loss Tulsa

At this point, you may be wondering just how medical weight loss is different than any other weight loss plan or diet. The aspects of non-surgical weight loss are more about helping patients with overall behavioral changes. Gorospe Health's medical weight loss plan is not a diet, it's not a fad, and it's not a trick. It's a combination of planning, preparing, and arming yourself with the education and tools that you need to overcome the behaviors that are causing you to struggle with your weight.

There are many different components and different avenues for people to achieve their goals with their weight through medically managed weight loss. If you would like to explore these avenues, Gorospe Health invites you to consider our clinic for medical weight loss in Tulsa.

What to Expect

Along with diet, exercise, and education, there is also a fitness component to medically managed weight loss. Additionally, medically managed weight loss requires monthly training sessions, working with dieticians, and working your program. We also have meal replacement programs that allow patients to control their caloric intake. A medical weight loss program may also contain some of the newest weight loss medications.

Medical Weight Loss Can Help You Obtain Permanent Results

Medically managed weight loss is different from other weight management programs. In fact, what we offer is not a traditional diet. When you think about diets, you probably think about different tricks that you can use to eliminate weight, such as trendy fad diets. However, these don't work permanently. They don't provide long-term results.

Because we want to help our patients achieve permanent results, we focus on behavioral changes, not so much on tricks. We find that education and helping people make significant lifestyle changes is the best way for them to lose weight. Gorospe Health's medically supervised weight management program can help you achieve your goals. Give us a call today to discuss the planning and implementation of your weight loss program today.

Most of our patients have tried many diets and exercise regimens already but to no avail because they did not have the support that they needed to succeed. With Gorospe Health, you can get the support you need.

How Medical Weight Loss Works

The first phase of the program involves using meal replacements, which may come in the form of portion control, shakes, and other things that are designed to be very nutritionally balanced. This helps patients to orient themselves to the program and focus on losing weight in a safe but rapid pace.

As the program progresses, we work more and more on the lifestyle changes that they need to make. We want to help our patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. People who stick with the program until the finish typically lose a significant amount of weight while avoiding surgery.

If you are interested in medical weight loss in Tulsa, contact Golospe Health ASAP. We can help you be a happier, healthier version of you.

Medical Weight Loss Tulsa
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Medical Weight Loss Tulsa
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