Shoulder Surgery Thousand Oaks

Shoulder Surgery Thousand Oaks

Your joints must be in good working condition for your body to be able to function properly. When you have an injury or are suffering from a condition that causes pain to your joint it reduces mobility and makes life difficult. Your shoulder is one of the most-used joints in the body, yet one that we often take for granted. We use our shoulders for most every movement from a simple wave to throwing a ball or swinging a golf club. If your shoulder isn't functioning correctly you may need treatment that could include shoulder surgery in Thousand Oaks.

Shoulder Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

Shoulder injuries or damage can occur due to a number of reasons. Sports injuries are often the cause of serious shoulder problems. Another common cause is simply due to wear and tear and the breakdown of the joint due to age and chronic illness. The first step in determining the best course of treatment is an examination and evaluation.

Some of the symptoms of shoulder injury include pain, stiffness, loss of mobility and popping or clicking noises when you move your arm. You may also experience weakness in your arm or a feeling of burning in your shoulder. You might have a problem with just one of your shoulders. Do not ignore the pain because you could cause further damage.

A number of state-of-the-art diagnostics tests can be completed to determine the extent of the injury and to decide on which treatment are likely to be the most successful. Not every injury requires shoulder surgery in Thousand Oaks. Sometimes the doctor will first try treating the injury through other techniques as well as with rehabilitative therapy.

If those techniques are not sufficient, shoulder surgery in Thousand Oaks may be the best solution. Surgery can quickly resolve the situation and provide you with a fix to the problem. Keep in mind that each person's care and treatment is unique and depends on the specific requirements of your particular injury.

Do I Need Shoulder Surgery in Thousand Oaks?

The surgeon will provide you with a complete diagnosis and evaluation after examination and testing is complete. The course of treatment will be determined based on the test results as well as the evaluation by the experienced surgeon.

Treatment may include repair or a partial or total shoulder arthroplasty. Joint replacements are becoming more and more common, especially among young and healthy patients. A total shoulder arthroplasty is done using small incisions to insert the tool necessary for repairs. The hospital stay for a shoulder replacement is shorter than that for a knee or hip replacement and the rate of long-term satisfaction is up to about 95%.

After a shoulder arthroplasty you will need a period of recovery time that includes rehabilitative therapy. You will soon be able to begin moving your arm again without pain and once you achieve complete mobility you will be virtually pain-free. The results can be extremely good for many patients. Contact our office and schedule an appointment to discuss your shoulder injury.

Shoulder Surgery Thousand Oaks
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Shoulder Surgery Thousand Oaks
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