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A weightloss program and professional guidance to help your clients support their weight loss goals. The uncraverx® business to business model will help improve the efficiency of your practice and allow clients to complete their weight loss journey anywhere and anytime!


If determined medically appropriate by the patient’s treating physician and under his/her medical supervision, medication may be prescribed to help reduce food cravings. The benefits of using the medication is that it may aid in compliance. The company does not sell, manufacture, or compound any drugs or pharmaceuticals for the program.

The UnCraveRx® weight loss management program is a comprehensive 3-month program that includes access to our virtual platform to support your clients to create better eating habits and a healthier lifestyle.

Training is required by UnCraveRx® to assist the treating physician in making the best medical decision whether the program is right for your patient.

Nutritional Coaching

Healthy eating is about finding a balance. Not everyone is built the same way. Our goal is to better assist your clients by creating healthy habits. Through our virtual platform, our nutritional coaches will lead your clients through a nutrition plan, as well as address challenges and goals in order to create a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle Behavioral Support

Eating healthy and being physically active are lifelong behaviors and not one-time events. Unhealthy behaviors develop over the course of time, therefore replacing them with healthy ones requires time and support. There are great benefits from group support as well as sharing experiences and advice that can be healing to the mind, body, and spirit. People in a support group setting can strengthen and empower themselves. Lifestyle behavioral support will help people realize that they are not alone, help them express their feelings, learn helpful information, reduce distress and discomfort, and increase self-understanding.



Live, virtual support groups to help clients share experiences & ask questions


Live, virtual classes & fitness plans


Live, virtual 1:1 appointments & classes


Clients receive live, personalized 1:1 coaching from a team of nutrition specialists


Expert advice from wellness specialists at any time through private instant messaging


An easy-to-follow food & hydration tracker to keep clients mindful of nutrition intake


“I did not hesitate to try the UnCrave approach to weight loss because my doctor recommended it. I trust him with my health so it was a no-brainer!”

“I am happy with my weight loss results. I wanted to lose 20 pounds and after 60 days I am down 13.”

“I am most impressed with the way I feel. I am rarely hungry. When I do eat, I am promptly full. I don’t think about food very much. I still enjoy sweets but I can take a bite and be done.”

“I am thrilled to have stopped all alcohol consumption. That was a downfall for me in my other attempts at weight loss.”

“I have never felt better. My mood and coping skills (I have a challenging personal life) have been greatly impacted.”

“I believe anyone would have success with UnCrave. Whatever ‘diet’ they choose to follow will be so much easier because the Naltrexone gives you the extra willpower.”


“I was looking for something to help me stay healthy during quarantine. A family member referred me to the UnCraveRx app.”

“It is unlike anything I have ever used. It brought not only the physical attributes that were great for tracking, but also the dietary and the behavioral/mental health aspect to it.”

“The videos were great and undoubtedly helped me during this difficult quarantine.”

“Most apps and programs I participated in didn’t really work. I would gain the weight back because I wasn’t dealing with the mental aspects.”

“The nutrition classes give you a great understanding of what and why you should eat certain foods and stay away from others (rather than blindly following some diet).”

“The live support is great because it helps to tailor to your personal needs rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.”

“The UnCraveRx app really puts it all together. (It has) the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term!”

-Aiden Mae

Our Providers


Why training?

Training is required by UnCraveRx® to assist the treating physician in making the best medical decision regarding the use of anti-craving medication and whether the program is right for your patient.


To find a provider near you call: (833) 4-UnCrave

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