How to Beat Sugar Addiction and Stay on Track With Your Health Goals

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75% of North Americans are said to be eating too much sugar. Of those, the majority are believed to have a sugar addiction.

When it comes to defining, understanding, and then overcoming a sugar addiction, you may find yourself at a loss. Sugar addiction can be an uncomfortable topic and many people don’t like discussing it.

However, if you are looking to learn more about the addictiveness of sugar, keep reading. We’ll let you in on some sugar addiction secrets and how you can beat sugar addiction to keep your health goals on track.

Is Sugar Addictive?

Sugar tastes good, at least to the majority of us. Because of this, we eat more and more of it.

Many people get stuck on a neverending circle of how good sugar tastes. Why wouldn’t you want ot eat more of something if it tastes so good?

Much of sugar’s addictive value comes from the fact that it tastes so good. The better it tastes, the more we want of it. The more we eat, the better our taste buds feel.

In addition to the taste, sugar also provides a state of bliss. This state of bliss, or happiness, is also considered to be addictive in itself.

Everyone wants to be happy. If eating sugar makes you happy, you’re going to want to eat more of it. Let the cycle of eating sugar begin again.

With the great taste and blissful feeling that comes with sugar, many people are at a loss when it comes to battling sugar addition. However, there are many ways that you can go about combatting this concoction that is made to keep you coming back for more.

Why Is Sugar Addiction a Problem?

Sugar is marketed everywhere. You can’t watch a movie or a TV show or even walk down the street without seeing sugar being advertised somewhere. It’s all around us and the idea only continues to grow.

Sugar in itself is not a problem. Overconsumption is the problem.

Humans that overeat sugary foods have been shown to have links to obesity and those conditions linked to it. This includes heart issues.

In addition, overconsumption can be carried from childhood into adulthood easily. Since many advertisements are targeted towards children, this seems to be no problem as children develop more sugary eating habits.

Sugar plays a major role in obesity all around the world, but it has made a great impact on North America. Sugar seems to be a default addition to all kinds of food for North Americans. Even those foods that are supposed to be savory are becoming sugary.

The worst part of this is that it is such a recurring cycle. The more you eat, the more you want. The more you want, the more you eat.

The cycle continues and continues for so many Americans and others around the world. It’s time to break the cycle.

How Can I Beat Sugar Addiction?

Even though sugar addiction can seem unbeatable, we have some methods that we know can help you curve your cravings.

No matter who you are or how bad your addiction is, we’re sure that you can apply some of these techniques to get your addiction under control. Just try out different styles and see what works for you.

Keep in mind that beating sugar addiction cannot happen in a day. It’s a process. Take your time and care for your body as you work to do what’s best for your health.

Switch Up Your Vitamin Intake

If you’re looking to curve your daily sugar cravings, you need to eat more nutrient-dense foods. If you’ve ever tried to diet or generally eat healthier before, you’ve probably heard this term plenty of times.

However, we’re referring to the fact that you should be eating foods that are high in magnesium, chromium, and zinc. These specific nutrients will help your cells become more sensitive to insulin, meaning that you’ll be able to increase the amount of sugar that your body can take in and consume.

If you’re deficient in any of these vitamins, you can get sugar cravings. Imagine if your cravings were simply because of a vitamin deficiency.

By eating whole foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, you’re giving your body more of what it needs and less of what it doesn’t.

Think About Your Macronutrients

Balance your macronutrients when you’re eating throughout the day. Eating balanced macros will help you stay fuller longer and keep your blood sugar levels more balanced throughout the day.

Blood sugar is a major problem when it comes to sugar addiction. We don’t want our blood sugar to become too high because of our sugar intake, but we also don’t want our blood sugar to drop too low because this could lead to sugar cravings.

As you’ve probably gathered, balance is the key here. Always keep your body in a balanced harmony with the food you eat, exercise you do, and emotions you feel. Keeping everything centered is the key to total health.

Remove Temptation

The best way to avoid sugar is to take it out of the equation entirely. To do this, you need to take it out of your mind (by removing it from your kitchen).

If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. At least, this is what your mind will think.

Occupy your time and kitchen with healthy things. You can completely remove excess sugar from your life with constant discipline and enough caring.

Embarking On Your Weight Loss Journey

We know that you can beat sugar addiction. It’s not easy, but we know that you have the skill and the willpower that it takes to overcome your addiction and get your body to a healthier state.

If you’re looking to take your journey a step further, we invite you to join our medically-assisted weight loss program. We can help you find a provider that can help you make the best choices for your body.

If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to reach out. We wish you luck on your journey.

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