10 Best Desserts For Weight Loss

dessert for weight loss

Nothing good has ever come out of deprivation, and such is the case with controlled diets. It does help lose a few pounds but isn’t sustainable. When you’re on a weight loss journey, craving sweets is a real issue. Regularly consuming sweets can control your desire to binge, which can help you reduce your overall calorie intake. Without further ado, here are a few recipes for you to try out guilt-free!

Desserts that work as weight loss weapons

Greek Yogurt With Honey, Pistachios, and Dark Chocolate Chips 

This combination works perfectly in place of your ice-cream sundaes. We aren’t saying it tastes the same, but we are sure it will satisfy your sweet cravings. Greek yogurt will provide you with a healthy dosage of dairy that is linked to lowering body fat and aiding in weight loss. Pistachios will boost your metabolism and lower blood glucose to keep your energy levels up and appetite low. Blend the Greek yogurt with honey and pistachios; top it with dark chocolate chips and pop it in the freezer. Enjoy it for dinner!

Chai, Raspberry, and Coconut Porridge Slices

This sounds interesting and is a good alternative for your boring oatmeal breakfasts. Mix rolled oats in non-dairy milk, maple syrup, and fresh raspberries or blueberries. Bake the mixture on a baking tray. Once done, cut them into bars to enjoy the crunchy yet chewy delights. You can store them in the fridge for a couple of days and enjoy one on your way to work.

Regular Ice-cream At the Supermarket

Before you think this is a scam, let us get right to the science of it. Low-fat ice-creams can be easily overdone just because of the idea that they won’t hurt your weight loss process. Little do we know that they contain too much sugar. Sticking to a ½ cup serving of regular ice cream can satisfy you just the same. Put it in a small bowl with a teaspoon to give the illusion that the portion is substantial.

To make it feel and taste fancy, you can sprinkle cinnamon (antioxidant) for your blood sugar to stay in control; or dry tart cherries to help you recover your muscles from all those exercises you’ve been doing.

Whole Grain Cookies

Cookies, just like bread, can be made with various flours. For your weight loss journey, we suggest you have whole-grain cookies. Sugary carbs without fiber can give a kick of energy which withers off faster, leaving you more hungry than before. High-fiber whole bran cookies will save you from that. Bake a big-sized whole bran cookie with pumpkin spice, dried cranberries, almonds, or peanut butter as per your preference.

Fruit Popsicles 

Fresh mango-berry popsicles are a delight in the summers and are weight-loss friendly. All you have to do is blend coconut water, mango, berries, and honey, then pour it into your popsicle holder to put in the freezer.

If you want a dairy option for your popsicle, you can blend a handful of blueberries and greek yogurt in a mixer and freeze them until lunchtime.

Avocado Chocolate Pudding 

With no added sugar and no oil, this healthier option serves as a decadent dessert for weight loss. This sweet course doesn’t just include avocados; you may add dates and bananas for the sweet kick. Mix half cups of unsweetened cocoa powder and dates, a banana, two avocados, and vanilla extract. Cool it and top it with berries if you wish.

Chia Pudding

Put ¾ cup of coconut milk and three tablespoons of chia seeds in a bowl and put it in the fridge. Wait for at least half an hour. Top it with berries and enjoy. Another way of using this superfood, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, is by using maple syrup, a hint of vanilla extract, unsweetened cocoa powder in coconut milk, and chia seeds. There you have it– another wonderful low-calorie dessert.

Blueberry and Lavender Cheesecake

Did someone say cheesecake? Just thinking of cheesecake can make us ready to gain a few pounds, but it isn’t what you think. The secret ingredient here is cashews. Cashews, when soaked and blended, can look and taste like your regular cheesecake. All you need to do is blend cashews, coconut milk, a bit of coconut oil for that silky, lush cheesecake texture. You may use whole-bran biscuits, dates, walnuts, or almonds for the base and blueberries for your topping.

Baked Apple 

Want something similar to an apple pie but without the crazy calories? Apples, when baked, can become very soft and are bound to lose their acidity. Bake a good quality apple and carve out the core once it’s done. Stuff some vanilla ice cream with cinnamon in the apple for the extra indulgence.

Suppose baking isn’t an option; char-grill peaches as an alternative to making fruit skewers out of them. This will add depth in flavor and make for a low-calorie dessert. You can pair the fruit with mascarpone cheese, maple syrup, and warm spices like ground cinnamon or cayenne pepper.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

As simple as it can get. There is nothing like chocolate-covered strawberries. A thin layer of chocolate on your strawberries will not do much harm but can satisfy your cravings. The sweetness and bitterness of chocolate with the fruitiness of strawberries can make for a very indulgent dessert.

If strawberries aren’t for you, you can try dark or milk chocolate with other fruits.

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