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You are certainly not the only one that has spent the last year having trouble focusing on anything. Whether it is work or leisure time, we all have struggled to find the motivation these routine tasks require. And given that even these mundane tasks were so challenging to complete, health, fitness, and wellness had taken a backseat in our lives as we stopped any related activities altogether.

Undoubtedly, keeping ourselves healthy has become a struggle ever since last year. And even though the major storm has passed, and we can finally see the sunshine, getting back on track with our normal lifestyle hasn’t come easy. But to cultivate our healthy living standards, we must get back to the activities, exercises, and fitness regimes we used to follow earlier. We all are desperately in need of keeping up our overall wellness, and what better way is there than having your very own wellness partner on the go?

MyUnCraveRx Wellness App

Introducing MyUnCraveRx Wellness App! It is a wellness app that offers live virtual support for those who have little to no motivation to stick with diet plans and exercise routines and struggle to get back to their fitness lifestyles.

MyUnCraveRx provides you access to real-time nutrition information, lifestyle modification support, and a 24/7, on-the-go private messaging option. Whether you require support or a wellness coach to keep records of your journey on one strong and reliable medium, MyUnCraveRx is your wellness partner. We have designed this program to help you better understand eating patterns and facilitate healthy habits.

Wellness Specialists

A masters-level wellness specialist is responsible for guiding clients to achieve the best levels of wellness and surpass healthy lifestyle goals. They create fitness training programs and diet plans about the client’s preferences, bodily requirements, and health concerns.

Our virtual platform provides a reliable and secure connection to you with high-rated, masters level wellness specialists. They will lead you with the help of a nutrition plan, help you face your challenges head-on, and surpass your fitness goals creating an all-year-round healthy lifestyle.

On-Demand Content

MyUnCraveRx truly encompasses all there is about wellness and really is your wellness partner on the go. From live videos to recorded classes, recipe videos of great diet-friendly food, and other resources, all available on a single platform on the go – whenever, wherever!

All you need is a stable internet connection or mobile phone, and you can access them easily under any circumstances and take advantage of staying in the loop constantly. This will not only help you stay motivated not to leave your health behind, but you can stay on top of the most updated and relevant information catering to your wellness.

24/7 Private Messaging

Our wellness specialists and experts are available via private instant messaging within the same app. So, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner time, about a fitness routine or exercise, whenever you have a question related to your health, you can just directly message us on the app, and the MyUnCraveRx team would be there to assist you.

Also, to avoid the fluster of fitness groups and to provide undivided attention to each of our wellness members, we assign one specialist each for every client to receive live, personalized, one on one master-level coaching.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

According to research, CBT is the most effective form of treatment, especially for people struggling to cope with depression and anxiety. CBT alone is up to 75% effective for overcoming depression and anxiety within the first 5 to 15 modules.

Through the CBT program offered in MyUnCraveRx, we aim to focus on challenging and changing unhelpful behaviors, cultivating more emotional awareness, and enhancing control, and improving coping mechanisms for our clients.

Personalize MyUnCraveRx

MyUnCraveRx is your very own wellness buddy. All you need to do is complete a survey to personalize your experience, and everything in the app will be customized as per your requirements. You can go back to the personalization option to monitor everything from your progress, diet maintenance, exercise, and lifestyle goals, among others.

You can keep updating the physical changes you may go through over time to streamline your experience, stay updated with the latest information and details you may require as per your profile and personalization attributes.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, these amazing features of our wellness app, MyUnCraveRx, have convinced you to download it for your android or iOS devices and start your wellness journey the right way with us. Interested in learning more? Talk to us right away!

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