Social Media Body Trends – Negative or Positive, You Decide

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Have you ever wondered how those pictures and videos of other people’s bodies on social media – whether your friend’s vacation snap or a celebrity’s gym look – could be affecting how you view your own?

Scrolling through your news feed, popping into unrealistic beauty standards in the form of photoshopped celebrities or size zero models proves to add many negative thoughts in your mind, especially when it comes to body image.

Undoubtedly, it’s hard to avoid social media completely but do we understand how social media has transformed our lives when it comes to our own bodies? The answer is no.

The Horrors of Social Media Body Trends

Social media body trends are probably one of the worst offenders to have come out of the medium. The more we try to shy away from them, the more we give in to the thought of acquiring what we see. Think about how many times you double-tapped your favorite Instagram influencer knowing their picture was highly edited, yet proceeded to sigh in exasperation over the thought that you may never be able to look like that.

That is precisely where the problem lies. Having these unrealistic body norms trending on social media makes the regular lot feel that they aren’t updated with the latest trends. As far as fashion and lifestyle are concerned, unlike body trends, at least wanting to own the physical goods and living a certain lifestyle would not threaten you with serious health complications.

As we discuss and acknowledge these ridiculous body type trends, we aim that you will understand that this is not a fit or healthy body. These are body trends that keep on changing over the years and will likely continue to do so, and you should consciously avoid giving in to practicing them whatsoever.

The Size ‘Zero’ Skinny

This trend seemed to send everyone on bulimic, diet-conscious eating routines without realizing the serious health implications that were causing. People fail to realize that what they see online is just another Photoshopped image, where the tummy tucks and belly popping waists were very cautiously edited and hidden. In contrast, in reality, they would be fairly regular.

However, the trend raged on for a long time where body shaming and fat shaming were rampant. This is because not being able to conform to an exact body expectation leaves those trying for it feeling uncomfortable and even ugly. Even today, many people don’t spare celebrities and influencers if they are on the heavier side because being skinny remains the more acceptable norm.

The Hourglass Figure

Next up on the list of ridiculous body trends is none other than the hourglass figure. This was once considered the holy grail of beauty among women. The fact that so many women went as far as getting surgery to remove bones from their rib cage is absolutely insane, just to have a tiny waist in the middle of a soft, plump body.

Many models and celebrities were also attributed for being the best looking and most stylish because they could ‘rock’ the hourglass figure. Yet again, humanity collectively failed to realize that following such trends to look good now would not serve them later in life when the trend changes for the better.

The Plus Size & Curvy

This is a very recent trend that emerged just a few years ago due to the rise in body positivity, acceptance, and beauty in all sizes discussions. However, the crucial stance of the body positivity movement was certainly missed when people started celebrating obesity in the name of acceptance and beauty in all sizes. It is important to understand that obesity is a disease that needs to be addressed in a timely manner and through professional guidance, not something that should be normalized.

However, even though the body positivity trend was more towards eradicating body and fat-shaming stances, especially on social media catering to cyberbullying, the public yet again found a way to favor their unhealthy norms. It became a cultural norm– they don’t need to work on themselves or even try to be fit because their body size is now acceptable. Just as losing weight that causes serious health issues is wrong, gaining weight and normalizing obesity is wrong too.

The Slim-Thick

The Kardashians might have ended their reality show, but their legacy certainly lives on as they are the ruling group of individuals on social media. They are definitely on top of the food chain when it comes to fashion, lifestyle, and body trends, as whatever they seem to be doing has become instantly popular and practiced around the globe.

With that much influential power, you would think that one might feel responsible for what they put out there for people to see, but seemingly that isn’t the case. As the slim-thick body norm is taking the limelight these days, one can’t help but notice that the Kardashian-Jenner clan was the first one to start this nuance.

People naïve enough to blindly copy them have yet again started a body trend of having big hips, dips, and chest with a combination of petite waist and legs. You can see your favorite influencer getting augmentations and silicone implants to enhance their curves and follow the trend, which is yet again detrimental and harmful for the common lot to follow.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, learning about these body trends will help you recognize the danger posed by trendy body images and be more sensible with your fitness, health, and body.

Find an UnCraveRx provider to help you start a responsible meal plan, diet, and fitness routine. Feel and look your best, and keep yourself healthy and going strong for a long time. Most importantly, disregard these fleeting harmful trends.

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