8 Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations That Will Motivate You to Hit the Gym

Weight Loss Transformation

According to CDC studies, over 70 million adults in the US are obese, and almost 100 million people are known to be overweight. This shows that more than a quarter of the American population is on the hefty side, and this issue needs to be addressed as a priority.

Even though obesity and weight issues have been around for many years, it has started to make headlines as it has become more of a trend to be fit and lose weight; thanks to social media – weight loss has never been glorified this way.

Today, looking around for inspiration and motivation to lose weight is not as difficult as it once was. In fact, many of your favorite celebrities have shown mind-blowing transformations over the years and are strong advocates for weight loss and fitness. For instance, take a cue from the following weight-loss transformations and find your motivation to hit the gym right away!

Oprah has been one of the earliest people to speak about the weight loss challenges and struggles she had to face during her career span of 30 years. However, her successful transformation has been the most talked-about part of it all as she lost nearly 50 pounds at the age of 63 and took the industry by storm with her newfound persona through the Weight Watcher’s program taking its point system as a “game.”

  • Khloe Kardashian

The most recent and viral topic of weight loss discussion has been none other than Khloe Kardashian. Teased as the “chubby sister” all throughout the run of her reality TV series with her family, she became adamant about removing this label from her name once and for all. Thus, ever so recently as the show wrapped up, Khloe was seen in her best form to date, even as a mother of two and attributing it all to being “in love with fitness and health.”

  • Adele

Adele’s weight loss transformation was probably the one with the most shock factor of all. As earlier in her career, her looks had deceived fans worldwide who disagreed with her age which was merely 23, similar to her singing counterpart, Taylor Swift. Fast forward four years, and by the time Adele released her second album, she had gone through an unrecognizable weight loss transformation, looking more her age and radiant as ever, saying she did it “to get in shape for myself.”

  • Christina Aguilera

Following her divorce in 2010, Christina had gained a noticeable amount of weight. This made her an easy target for the Hollywood press to talk about her weight gain and personal issues. However, The Voice coach took to herself to ward off the tabloids once and for all as she temporarily quit the show to focus more on her weight loss journey. After having shed a good 50 pounds, she returned to the red carpets, and the media outlets were ablaze with her transformation. She broke down her diet plan with the Life & Style Magazine as she said it allowed her “to come back refreshed.”

  • Jonah Hill

Even today, if you hear Jonah Hill’s name, you imagine the chubby, curly-haired guy in Superbad. However, ever since then, this young celebrity has been on an ongoing weight loss journey focused on looking his best. He openly told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight’s Show that he contacted the fittest person he knew, who happened to be Channing Tatum, for weight loss advice and received nothing less than motivation to hit the gym right away.

  • Graham Elliot

This celebrity chef, popular for Master Chef USA, was known for his 3-part team with Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich before he shocked his fans; he showed a jaw-dropping amount of weight loss and an eye-popping transformation. He lost over 100 pounds and credited his family for the motivation behind his weight loss success as he suggested that his health was in danger due to obesity. He openly discussed going under the knife as a major contributing factor to his transformation but insists that diet and exercise are key to maintaining it.

  • Chris Pratt

A fast and drastic transformation of sorts, Chris Pratt’s transformation was also a requirement for training for his character in Guardians of The Galaxy. However, even after the film successfully wrapped up with Pratt looking his fittest, he continued on the weight loss journey to maintain his body shape and adhere to his newly transformed body goals. Pratt says he used a personal trainer and drank so much water that he found it a “nightmare” to use the restroom all day long repeatedly.

  • Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel really turned that dad-bod around and showed his transformation at his late-night show, saying that he definitely felt the pressure to lose weight to look his best. He has been vocal about his intermittent fasting diet and urges people to talk to their trainers and find the right type of diet that suits them.

Final Thoughts

We certainly look up to celebrities for all sorts of inspiration and motivation. From lifestyle, clothes to fitness, gaining motivation to do your best from your favorite celebrity really does the trick. Hopefully, our list of selected celebrities helps you gain motivation to start your weight loss journey right away.

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